Shooting in wakuden-mori


We took a picture with the renewal of the homepage.

Yuri Co., Ltd. has two bases, the Toyooka Factory and the Kyotango Omiya Factory.

Located between the two bases is “Wakuden – Mori”, which was used as the shooting location this time.

At first glance, we were fascinated by the wonderful harmony between nature and architecture, and we requested that we take a picture at this place.

While talking with the people working there, we were able to hear your thoughts on “Wakuden- Mori”.

Also, We feel that you taught us important things that are also familiar to our manufacturing.



There is also a “house in the forest, Mitsumasa Ann Museum”and a workshop restaurant”wakuden MORI”.

Lotus root sweets “Seiko” is exquisite!


「Wakuden-Mori」Official website